Futurist Conference brings together 100+ speakers every year to discuss and debate how future technologies impact the social, economic, environmental and political landscape of our global economy.






We bring together world-class speakers to discuss the future of  emerging technologies. Speakers provide insights on the latest industries that are being transformed and disrupted. 

Frequently our speakers and presenting companies launch products on-stage, make major announcements, and showcase their innovative solutions for the first time.

Most presentations are bundled with panel discussions and similar industry keynotes to create themed segments on-stage throughout the 2 day conference.

Don't miss out on hearing the future first. 

Applications for main stage presentations are now open.



Our panels bring together experts from different industries to discuss and debate current topics that will impact our future.  

This year some of our main stage panel themes (pending applications) include:

The Future of Blockchain Technology

The Future of Cryptocurrencies

The Future of Decentralized Finance

The Future of Security Tokens

The Future of Privacy & Security

The Future of Regulation

The Future of Raising Capital

The Future of Social Impact

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

The Future of Cannabis

The Future of eSports


Futurist Conference Blockchain Bootcamp

Blockchain Bootcamp: An Overview 

20 Minute Sessions

What is blockchain technology? 


Blockchain vs. cryptocurrency. 

What is Ethereum? How this Toronto born technology has changed the world.

An overview of digital collectables and one-of-a-kind tokens. The non-fungible token revolution.

How to future-proof your profession and the new career opportunities ahead.

Real-world use cases: How blockchain technology is changing every industry.

Apply to be a speaker. Suggest your own topic or put your own spin on one of the above.

Speakers Announced August 1, 2020. Apply Today!

Learn about Bitcoin for Beginners Workshop at Futuris Conference

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency 

For Beginners

20 Minute Sessions

What is bitcoin & cryptocurrency?


The benefits of coins, tokens, and programmable digital currency.


What is a wallet? How to get started.

What is an exchange? How to get started.

What is mining? How to get started.

A refresher for everyone: Security, passwords, keys, and privacy.

How ​to accept cryptocurrency for your business.

Fundraising for charity with cryptocurrency.

Receive free cryptocurrency and airdrops! Hands-on workshop on how to send, receive and store cryptocurrency.

Apply to be a speaker. Suggest your own topic or put your own spin on one of the above.

Speakers Announced August 1, 2020. Apply Today!


Technical Developer Workshops

30 Minute Workshops

Technical hand-on workshops for developers taught by developers. 

Workshops range from beginner to advanced on a topic of your choice.

Participants are encouraged to bring their laptop but not mandatory.

Apply to be a speaker for our technical developer workshops today! 

Business & Strategy Workshops


10 Minute Sessions

Business workshops for entrepreneurs taught by business professionals.

Workshops are tailored for small to medium size enterprises.

Topics will include but not limited to:

Raising Capital, Legal Services, Accounting & Finance,

Marketing, eCommerce, and Social Media & Community Building

Apply to be a speaker for Futurist Business Workshops.

We receive thousands of applications every year for the conference. Please be patient with the selection process. You can apply for more than one topic/workshop/roundtable.

We will begin to select and announce speakers August 1, 2020. 
Applications will close early October 2020.