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About Futurist Conference

Untraceable's Futurist Conference is the largest and most high-profile blockchain & emerging tech event in Canada. Like no other conference, this annual event is tailored to foster engagement from its participants with hands on technology weaved into every aspect of the conference. The event brings together a global audience of attendees with startups, investors, developers, enterprise leaders, financial institutions, researchers, academics and emerging tech pioneers to build the future.

Attendees can expect to hear leading experts discuss trends, showcase the newest tech and debate topics that are sure to shape this technological revolution. New this year, sessions will be focused on Blockchain, Cannabis, AI, and eSports.

The 3rd annual Futurist Conference is held online from November 11th to 12th 2020.

2019 Recap

Who Attends

The conference brings together a diverse group of Futurists including entrepreneurs, investors, enterprise, developers, academics, researchers, and business professionals from 39 countries.

Past Attendees and Audience at Futurist Confeec

We Bring Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency to Real Life

We don't just discuss the future we bring future technology to you. Last year we utilized blockchain technology and cryptocurrency throughout the event. Below are some examples of how we did that at our 2019 Conference:

  • Farm to Table on the Blockchain - Our sister company Caterable used blockchain technology to track and verify all the conference's fresh food using Hercules Blockchain Software. You could track all the broccoli, cauliflower, eggs, peaches, plums, apricots, peppers to name a few from farm to table all the conference

  • Blockchain Secured Ticketing & Purchase Tickets with Cryptocurrency - EVENTCHAIN

  • POS with Cryptocurrency  - CYCLEBITS

  • Purchase a Helicopter Ride with Cryptocurrency - FLYGTA

  • Bitcoin ATMs  - LOCALCOIN

  • Artwork on the Blockchain - ARTCRYPTION

  • Marketplace & Food Trucks with airdrop of BTZ - BUNZ

  • Insurance on the Blockchain - HERCULES SOFTWARE

  • 7 Airdrops of free cryptocurrency available to all conference attendees!


 If you have technology that you want us to utilize at our upcoming events please emailevents@untraceableinc.com 

For more information about last year's technology onsite check out PCMA's article featuring our CEO, Tracy Leparulo

PCMA article about Untraceable Team using actual Blockchain Technology and cryptocurrency at Futurist Conference